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Free skating consists of jumps and spins, with connecting steps and moves such
as crossovers, Ina Bauers, Spirals, and other Moves in the Field (MIF).
Freeskating is also where a program comes into play for skaters. Coach Margaux
can prepare your skaters program and music for competitions, shows or testing.

Moves-in-the-Field (MIF)

Moves in the field (MIF) consist of a series of strokes and turns, both forward
and backward consisting of three turns, brackets, loops, spirals, rockers and
counters coupled with forward and backward stroking and skating and set to
self countined patterns without music.

Ice Dance

Ice Dance consists of a series of moves, swing roles, progressives, 3 turns,
mohawks and choctaws, set to the rhythm of music on a set pattern and can be
stated with a partner or solo. Ice Dance is part of the foundation for moves in the
field. It is of great benefit to to the skater learn this skill.

Power Skating

By learning fundamental techniques to increase your power in your edges.
Through the generation of more power and stronger edge control it is possible
increase the height and quality of jumps and spins.

Compulsory Figures

Figures are the original form of figure skating, originating long before jumps and
spins. Figures are also quickly becoming a lost art, which consist of tracing edges
in the shape of an 8 using corresponding turns such as 3 turns, brackets, loops,
rockers and counters. Figures are part of the foundation for moves in the field and
can be of great benefit to learn this skill.


Enhance your hockey game by improving the quality of your skating. By gaining
knowledge of edges and edge control, learn to generate even more power out of
your skating to make you a stronger player.